heading out from boston on a gloomy september afternoon.
leaving boston
st george's, bermuda

pulling into beautiful bermuda two days later, after a very bumpy ride. while we sailed from boston to bermuda hurricane isabel was making its way out of the carribean towards the carolina's.

as the ship pulled up to the dock we could start to see the damage from hurricane fabian. many of the the roofs were covered with blue tarp. in some cases, like the house at the top of the hill in this picture, then entire roof was just gone.
hurricane damage
hurricane damage

property right along the water often showed signs of severe errosion. there were also several boats in the area that had washed up on shore.

a few minutes after we arrived, we hopped in a cab and hit beautiful st catherine's beach. the wave's were pretty big but the water was beautiful. at the end of the beach was an old military fort.
st catherine's beach
tobacco bay

later we walked just up the road to tobacco bay. i didn't like this as much, the beach was very small. it seemed more like someone's lawn than a beach. there was almost no place to put your towel, and the ground was hard as a rock. it's supposed to be a great place to see fish but all i saw were big rocks.

busy water street in st george's. although the street was busy with tourist, downtown st george's didn't really do much for me. there were lots of gift shops selling t-shirts, keychains, and shot glasses, but that was about it.
st george's, bermuda
kippies place

one night we decided to journey out into st george's in search of someplace to do some drinking and dancing. we ended up going to a place we had noticed on an earlier trip - kippies place. kippies place was a real hole in the wall, but to us it was a hidden gem. there was only one other guy there, who we came to know as preston, wearing a hampton beach hat and dancing by himself...

the dj was playing a phenomenal mix of old motown, james brown, disco, and reggea. soon we were sipping on heineken's served by the coolest bartender in st george's - earl "the pearl" and dancing right alongside preston. it was a great night!
kippies place
the majesty

this shot was taken from kippies place looking across to our ship - the majesty.

on our last day in bermuda we decided to take a trip across the island to hamilton, the capital city of bermuda. hamilton was much larger and busy than st george's. this shot was taken looking down the main drag in hamilton - front street.
hamilton, bermuda
elbow beach

the next stop for us elbow beach. i think i would have to say that this is the most beautiful beach i have ever been to. the pink sand felt incredibly soft and comforting. the water was warm and the waves were perfect for body surfing. simply perfect!

another shot of beautiful elbow beach.
elbow beach
clubbin' on the majesty

our last night on the ship - clubbin'.

it was lori and niki's second time cruising to bermuda, so they settled right in. it didn't take them long to bump into some of the staff they met the last time they went. the one the staff members that always stood out was eymard, who you could always find dancing in the disco. this one was taken with the ladies on our last night.
clubbin on the majesty
boston, ma

one week later, arriving back in boston.

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