boot mills

the clock tower at the boot mills complex in downtown lowell.

another view of the boot mills complex, home of the lowell national historical park.
boot mills
john and lee - downtown

the corner of john and lee streets. a unique building that john and i would often admire as we trekked our way around the city.

boarding house park. the scene of many concerts during the summer months. additionally, the park hosted the kick off to paul tsongas' run for president in 1992.
boarding house park
lowell sun building

a true landmark, the lowell sun building at the foot of bridge street in kearney square.

just down the road on bridge street, arthur's paradise diner, home of the famous boot mill sandwich. if you're not in class at lowell high, you're at arthur's.
arthur's paradise
tsongas arena

the tsongas arena, home of the umass lowell river hawks and the lowell lock monsters. this picture was taken during game two of the hockey east quarter finals between umass lowell and northeastern. lowell went on to win the series 2 games to 1, and moved onto the hockey east final four played in boston.

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