narration taken from bob's journal entries...

new mexico

white sands, new mexico

We then drove off into the dunes. It really was a little surreal. White Sands looked to be located in the middle of a huge valley. To our west were the San Andreas and Organ Mountains, and to our east were the Sacramento Mountains. Above us were jet fighters, engaged in training exercises. The dunes went on for miles...

While standing on the top of the dunes and taking pictures I noticed that there was a road that would bring us out even further into the dunes, perhaps to better sledding territory. I asked everyone if they would mind heading further, they all seemed okay with it. So, we threw the sled back in the van and headed on further...
white sands, new mexico
white sands, new mexico

We wound our way through the dunes to what was clearly the highest dune in the Park. There were several other cars parked there, and the grooves of other people sledding could be seen tracing their path from top to bottom...

Many of the restaurants which Jon and Cami had mentioned to us on the plane lined the courtyard, We walked into one of them called La Posta, and I half thought that we could meet Jon and Cami and take them out to dinner there. Cami raved about the place, commenting on the Chile Rellenos (sp?) , which she considered the best one could get. I must say however, Bri had been right when he said that there was not a whole lot to see in Old Mesilla, after about 45 minutes I had seen all that I needed to see. It was good to get there nonetheless, I had now seen a place that I had heard and seen so much of from my father and brother. I was happy...
old messilla
the organ mountains - new mexico

We drove back to Grampa's house, stopping briefly on the way back to take a few pictures of the Organ Mountains as the sun set...

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